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RUN 2020 Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown And Spoiler Talk Review. We break down the Hulu Horror Movie Run starring Sarah Paulson and give our thoughts on that big twist ending and what the movie as a whole means.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy who's been running through your girls mind all day and also from the police.

2020 is almost over but we have a couple of big releases to close us out including the new Hulu Horror starring Sarah Paulson.

Before we get into the ending of it I think we have to discuss the overall plot and though it is relatively simple there are a lot of nuances here to go over.

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Anyway, Run follows mother and daughter pair Diane and Chloe who share a very close relationship. We're told that when Chloe was born she faced a lot of health problems including Arrhythmia which I've definitely pronounced wrong, Hemochromatosis, which I've definitely pronounced and Asthma which I've definitely pronounced right and I apologise for being an absolute moron all of the time. She also apparently has Diabetes and is paralysed which means that she has spent the majority of her life in a wheel chair.

Because of these afflictions the character has to take various medication and though it is initially a worry that she will struggle at University, Diane is confident that she can survive.

Or at least she says in public.

In reality, Diane is a controlling mother that is actually drugging her daughter with dog drugs and not the good ones, I know what them scooby snacks are. Throughout the movie Chloe starts to slowly unearth the truth about this and we watch as she discovers things aren't what they seem.

You see Diane actually kidnapped Chloe when she was very little after losing her own baby. She has purposely been keeping Chloe under her control because of the psychological issues caused from losing her own daughter.

Chloe learns of this and attempts to escape Diane's control but after she foils her attempts to get away Chloe takes matters into her own hand. She downs a bottle of poison and thus Diane must take her to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.

Knowing that she's likely going to alert the staff to what's going on, Diane tries to take Chloe home but she leaves a note for one of the doctors that causes her to call security. Just as Diane is about to leave the hospital Chloe puts her foot down...literally and manages to stop Diane in time for the police to show up and shoot her.

Diane is left apparently paralysed and we watch as Chloe visits her seven years later. However a big twist comes at the end of the movie when Chloe coughs up the same pills that she was being sedated with and we realise that she has been returning the favour to Diane and keeping her in a life of paralysis.

Now though it seems like a pretty straight forward plot and twist I actually think there's a lot going on with it and the film has some neat little call backs and an overall metaphor that I think works really well.

Now firstly we start off with Diane helpless in bed as she prays for her daughter to be ok. A wheelchair is pushed towards her by a member of staff and this actually foreshadows the ending of the movie.

In that we see Diane once more in a hospital bed however this time Chloe is the one in the chair and not a helpful doctor who will allow her to escape the situation for better or worse.

On the whole I actually think that the film very much represents a parental child relationship and the story of some find it difficult watching their kid go off to college.

Now the movie is a horror film so it does take things and subvert them to the exetreme, however I think that throughout the movie that the clues are definitely there.

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